Five Months

5 Months

Five Month Collage

What are you up too at Five Months Wyatt? 

–  You are still working on establishing a sleeping schedule, as it changes depending on your mood and the events of the day.  In general you take two naps a day, a short one in the morning and a longer one in the afternoon.  (Although, the whole week we were out of town you REFUSED to nap!  I guess you wanted to soak in every moment with family and friends).  You slept for 10 hours straight the other night (9:30-7:45), I was so impressed, and greatly appreciated all the sleep!!

–  You are still drinking lots of formula every day, and now are eating some baby food as well!! We have officially tried  sweet potatoes, peaches, and bananas.  You are not a fan!  I think you are convinced that you can skip these foods and go straight to table food!  You glare at the food we eat, and watch us take it from the plate to our mouths.  It is hilarious!

–  As far as toys go, you LOVE your “MP3” player that Aunt Lara and Uncle Chuck got you for Christmas, you LOVE your “Worm” that Miss Tara and Kaylee got you for Christmas, you LOVE your Little Snuffy (Mommy and Daddy bought you), you enjoy sitting in your chair, and you LOVE your exersaucer.  You really enjoy standing up and looking at the world from that point of view. 

–  You went on your first major road trip/vacation to your Granddaddy/Gigi’s house! You had so much fun with the extended family, and especially LOVED spending time with your Uncle Michael.  Just mentioning his name would make you break out in a big smile and you would belly laugh! 

–  You still love to be on your belly, and have officially rolled over!!  The first time you rolled over no one saw it, your Daddy went to get you out of your pack and play and you were on your back!  Later that day you rolled over while I was watching!  You have done it quite a few times since then, we are so proud of you!!  You think it is hilarious when you roll over and Daddy and I cheer and clap for you! 

– You are quite the little talker!  You love to put on a show for friends, family, and strangers.  You clap, squeal, and screech at anyone who will listen!  It cracks your Daddy and I up, as well as anyone who is around to hear/see!

Wyatt, you continue to amaze me!  You adjust easily to new environments/schedules, you react wonderfully to new people, and your smile brightens my day.  I am so proud to be your Mommy!  I love you so much and as I say every month, I can’t wait to see what the next month holds for you…


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