Road Trip Recap #1

Last week, Paul, Wyatt and I packed up the Tahoe and headed east for a visit with my side of the family!  This was Wyatt’s first long road trip, as it is a 13 hour drive to my Dad’s house.  We decided to break up the trip into two parts.  About 6pm on Friday the 15th, Wyatt was getting sleepy so we loaded him into his car seat, and off we went!  We got on the interstate, made it about 2 miles and then we stopped, and we sat, and we sat, and we sat some more, we sat for about an hour!  After awhile cars around us started using the turn-around in the median, we followed, got off at the previous exit, and took back roads for about an hour until we were sure we had passed the wreck causing the hold up.

We drove as far as Cookeville, TN where we decided to spend the night and then start the rest of the journey fresh in the morning.  The next morning we were up and out of the hotel by about 9am.  We stopped in Knoxville to visit with a friend, and then headed north on 81!  Wyatt did really well on the trip; he only really had one breakdown, lasting about 45 minutes.  For those 45 minutes he was completely inconsolable, but he cried it out and fell asleep! 

We ended up getting to my Dad’s house about 5pm on the 16th.  Waiting at the house were my Dad (Granddaddy until Wyatt gives him a name), Ilene (Gigi), Uncle Michael (My brother), and Uncle Michael G (My stepbrother).  They had ordered Chinese for all of us, which my Dad got back with right as we were getting Wyatt out of his car seat!  After introducing Wyatt to his Uncle’s we sat down to eat dinner, then it was time to unload the Tahoe. 

Once everything was unloaded it was time to settle in for the night.  We decided to use one of the empty rooms at my Dad’s and just use a blow-up mattress (they had a futon for us, but we didn’t think it was very comfortable, in the end I slept on it every night and it was VERY comfortable!).  Uncle Michael decided it would be fun to put Wyatt on the blow up mattress while it was inflating! 

Wyatt and Uncle Michael

Wyatt and Uncle Michael

After the mattress was inflated, it was time to put on pajamas, hang out with the family, and get a good night’s sleep; we had a busy week ahead of us!!

Granddaddy and Wyatt

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