Liberty Bowl Parade

January 1st, we bundled up and headed downtown to attend the annual Liberty Bowl Parade!  It was Wyatt’s first parade, and especially fun because the University of Arkansas Razorbacks were playing in the bowl!! 

We showed up on Beale Street and found a place to park the stroller.  We were all dressed in our Arkansas gear, and couldn’t wait for the parade to start!  There was a really nice couple from East Carolina University (ECU – playing Arkansas in the Liberty Bowl).  The woman thought Wyatt looked so cute in his Arkansas toboggan that she had to get a picture with him!  Then she volunteered to take a family picture for us…

Family Photo 1/1/2009

Wyatt waiting for the parade to begin

The parade started and Wyatt was captivated by the sounds, motion, and colors of everything going on…

Watching the Parade

Some sights from the parade

We had such a good time at the parade!  We were even more excited on the 2nd when Arkansas won the Liberty Bowl in overtime!!  We weren’t at the game, we were nice and comfy in our warm house!  We look forward to many, many more parades with our little guy, hopefully in nicer weather!! 

(**Tusk II, pictured above (living mascot of UofA) passed away on Monday January 4, of natural causes.  Paul, Wyatt and I would like to send our condolences (via this blog) to the caretakers, fans and members of the University of Arkansas for this loss.  We were pleased that we got to see Tusk here in Memphis, and look forward to meeting Tusk III at the next UofA event!)


One Response to “Liberty Bowl Parade”

  1. Catherine Johnson Says:

    Shari, you and your hubbie are the coolest parents!! I love following all the adventures that your little Wyatt has already been on. Your blog is adorable and so are you!

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