Wyatt the Giraffe

Last weekend Wyatt started getting some red spots on his belly.  I didn’t think much of it, since I had given him some sweet potatoes, I figured he was having a mild allergic reaction.  Sunday, the spots were worse so I called Ilene (Wyatt’s Gigi and a Pediatrician), and she said it didn’t sound like anything to be alarmed about, just see if it got worse.  Monday, it was worse, A LOT worse!  The spots had covered his entire body!!  I immediately called the Pediatrician and got an appointment for Monday afternoon. 

That afternoon Wyatt and I ventured out to the doctors, and we got some surprising news – Wyatt has a viral infection!  The way his body is responding to the infection is to break out in these spots!  The doctor said it was nothing to be alarmed about and there was nothing we could do but just wait it out.  So we have, and we are.

Wyatt seems to be handling it okay, he is just a little fussier and crankier than usual.  He also hasn’t wanted to wear clothes, sleep at night, or nap.  All of those things mean there is an extremely exhausted Mommy in this house!!  We just have our fingers crossed this passes soon and he is back to a happy baby ASAP!

I was calling him my little leopard, but he didn’t like that, and asked to be called a Giraffe instead.  So, here is my little giraffe….

Spots and Big Blue Eyes

His whole body is covered!

 Mommy and Daddy love you Wyatt, get better soon!!!


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