Four Months…

Four Months

Month by Month

What are you up too at Four Months Wyatt? 

–  You had your Four Month check up and everything was perfect!  You weighed 16lbs and 13oz and were 25 ¼ inches long!  You are a growing boy!  The Dr said everything looked good and you could start eating cereal with a spoon!!  He said once you master eating the cereal with a spoon you could move into stage 1 baby foods!! 

–  As far as your sleeping schedule, the Dr recommended moving your bedtime up to 7:30-8:30.  You switched to that schedule really fast, and I really enjoy having a little quiet time after you go to bed to read, watch TV, or even work on my scrapbook before going to bed myself!  You tend to get up by 7:00 am now, sometimes as early as 6:00.  You are bright eyed and ready to play in the morning, I love waking up to a happy baby!!

–  You are still drinking lots of formula every day, and now are eating some cereal as well!! 

–  You still don’t cry very often, only when you are really hungry or fighting going to sleep.  You just don’t want to miss anything!!

–  You still enjoy sitting in your vibrating seat and your swing, but your FAVORITE thing is your exersaucer that Santa brought you.  You LOVE talking to the animals and playing with the different parts.  It is so fun to watch you explore the moving parts and I love the proud look on your face when make a part move or make a sound!

–  You had your first Christmas, which was an amazing time for your Daddy and me.  We loved watching you experience that magical time of the year.  We are looking forward to next year when you understand what is going on a little more! 

–  You have been able to see your Virginia Family (Uncle Mike, Uncle Michael, Uncle Brian, Aunt Kathleen, Sam, Granddaddy, Gigi, Grandma and PapPap) through the use of Skype.  It is so very special to have a way for them to see you grow up between visits! 

–  You still love to be on your belly, and are working very hard to roll over.  You roll most of the way over, get this terrified look on your face and fall right back to your belly.  We joke that you are going to skip rolling over and crawling and go straight to walking!!  You love to be held up or balance on your legs while looking around.  You are going to be such an adorable walker!!     

–  You have the most expressive eyes!!  They crack me up!  You love to laugh, smile, and talk (whether someone is listening or not!)!!  You are a generally happy baby, and I love spending my days with you!! 

Wyatt, I love watching you grow and learn, you amaze me EVERY day!  You are a joy to be around and I can’t wait for what the next months have in store for you.  The month of January should be fun for us; you will start eating baby food, get to go to Virginia to visit Mommy’s family, maybe see snow for the first time, hopefully roll over, and continue to grow!!  I’m so excited to see what is in store!  I love you sweet boy, happy four months!!


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