Since this was our first Christmas as a family, we decided to start some fun family traditions.  Paul and I both had traditions going up, and we can’t wait for Wyatt to look forward to our very special Christmas Traditions.

Our first tradition will include what we eat on Christmas Eve.  Paul and I have gone out for Japanese/Sushi for the past 3 years, so this year we did the same!  We figure it will be something fun for the kids to look forward too.  We hope to always make Christmas Eve services at church as well, as that is the true reason for the season. 

Next, we have our new Christmas Pajamas.  Every year, everyone in the family will receive a new pair of pajamas that have already been washed, and are ready for sleeping in!  That way, every year our Christmas morning pictures/video will include us in new pajamas!  This year, we all got our new pajamas, and within an hour, Wyatt had spit up all over his!  Good thing I had a back-up onesie, which he then used as his Christmas Eve outfit!

Our final Christmas Eve tradition will be reading “Twas the night before Christmas”.  This year, my Grandparents bought the recordable version of the book from Hallmark, and recorded them reading the book to us.  We sat around and listened to them read the book.  Wyatt was mesmerized by the fact that Grandma and PapPap’s voices were coming out of a book, but they were nowhere to be seen!

It goes without saying that we will leave out a snack for Santa; we are thinking maybe beef jerky and a Dr. Pepper?  We figure he gets plenty of cookies and milk from other families….

Christmas morning, we got up, Wyatt had his morning bottle and we took him into the living room for him to see his Christmas tree, all of his gifts, and of course, what Santa left him!  He is such a loved and lucky little boy, look at this Christmas tree and all the presents underneath… (Not all the gifts were for the three of us, gifts for Paul’s family were under the tree as well)

Christmas Morning 2009

The first thing we did was let Wyatt see what Santa had brought, a farm animal Exersaucer!!  He was so excited, look at this face!

Happy Boy!!

He had to check it all out, examining all the parts that move!

Looking at the horse

Then it came time to open some presents…

Unwrapping a present from Santa

Thomas the Tank Engine DVDs!

AMX from Granddaddy and GiGi

Trying to get through the plastic to the car!

After Wyatt opened his gifts, he played in his new exersaucer while Paul and I opened our gifts.  Then we had some breakfast (Cinnamon Rolls – Yum), and got dressed so we could head to Jonesboro to meet up with Paul’s family to celebrate some more.

 Once there, Wyatt did a quick outfit change, presents were distributed, and opening began!

Mommy with Santa's Little Helper

Gifts Galore

 It took a couple of hours, but finally all the gifts were opened and it was time to eat!  We shared a delicious Christmas Dinner, and then everyone had a chance to sit around and chat, play games and relax.

The little boys had a chance to both snuggle with Aunt Lara, they loved it…

Heston, Lara, Wyatt

Then all three boys put on their Christmas shirts I made (cute huh?) and we took a group shot! 

Heston, Bowen, Wyatt

By this time, Wyatt hadn’t had a good nap all day, and he was ready to go!  We packed up, and I think Wyatt was asleep within minutes!  We got home, unpacked the car, had a snack, and went to bed early!! 

We had a wonderful first Christmas as a family, and can’t wait for many, many more!


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