Meeting Santa

Wyatt had the chance to meet Santa twice this year!  

Early December we took Wyatt to Bass Pro Shops, to get his free picture with Santa.  He did really well meeting the jolly guy!  He was more confused than anything else, not really sure what to think!  Here is a look at that shot… 

Wyatt and Santa at Bass Pro


Later on, we took Wyatt to the mall to meet Santa.  He decided that he wanted to dress up, because he thinks if you are dressed up, people take you more seriously!  This time, he decided he was going to motion to Santa exactly what he wanted for Christmas, Paul said he overheard Wyatt explaining that he wanted a dirt bike “this big”… 

That's right... A dirt bike "this big"


The Santa at the mall was so nice.  He was so patient while we tried to get a good shot of Wyatt!!  He had rosy cheeks, a real beard, and lots of padding!  I just love that picture, Wyatt looks so serious, you can tell he is really concentrating on getting Santa to understand his wish list!! 

Christmastime is my favorite, I love the music, the lights, trees, movies, family traditions and all the holiday cheer!  I can’t wait to share my love of this season with Wyatt as he gets older!

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