Thanksgiving Weekend…

Thanksgiving day we headed to Little Rock to meet up with Paul’s parents and visit with family for the day.  We started out by stopping at his Uncle Tommy and Aunt Jerry’s house to see them and some of Paul’s cousins.  We were able to visit with them for a little bit and then we headed down the street (literally like a mile down the same street), to Paul’s grandparents for Thanksgiving Dinner. 

 Wyatt got to meet some of his Aunts, Uncles and cousins while at Mimi and PawPaw’s house for Thanksgiving.  By the time we got to their house, Wyatt was exhausted and he took a 2 hour nap on the guest bed!  It was a really nice time for a nap, because it gave Paul and I the chance to eat and chat with family, uninterrupted!!

After Wyatt woke up and had his bottle he spent some time being shuffled amongst the family members!  Everyone wanted a chance to hold and love on the new addition!! 

We didn’t get many pictures that day (We have to get better about that), but here is one of Wyatt and his Aunt Jenni!!  It’s hard to tell in the picture, but Wyatt was wearing a Pearl Button Shirt, and a Turkey Bib that said “I’m Stuffed”.  It was adorable!!

Wyatt and Aunt Jenni

After dinner and visiting, we headed back to Tommy and Jerry’s house to spend a little more time with them.  While there we watched the rest of the football game, passed Wyatt around some more, and then packed up and headed to Paul’s parents’ house to spend the rest of the weekend!

Friday, Paul and I decided to head out and run a couple of errands and Paul’s parents said they would keep Wyatt for us.  He did really well with them; Sweetie (Paul’s mom) was even able to get him to go down for a nap!!  While he napped, Paul and I took out Doodah’s (Paul’s dad) motorcycle.  It was nice to be able to do something we enjoyed so much before having Wyatt!  It was even nicer to not have to worry about him, knowing he was in good hands with Doodah and Sweetie! 

When we got home, Susan, Jerry Wayne, Bowen and Heston had just arrived to spend the weekend with all of us!  Shortly after that, Mimi, PawPaw, Jenni and Phillip arrived to visit with everyone and see Heston (the newest addition to the whole family).  We all got to spend some time together, eat, and chat!  It was such a fun afternoon.  After the Little Rock group headed back, we headed out to get dinner at a local burger place, it was a fun day!! 

Saturday morning, Paul and I got Wyatt up and headed to one of my favorite places in Paul’s hometown for breakfast!  We got to meet up with Courtney and Cady, who were also in town visiting family for Thanksgiving.  I LOVE having the chance to meet up with Courtney; she is such a caring and fun person!  I can’t wait until Wyatt is a little bit older and can play with Cady.  For this meeting he just kind of stared at her, I believe he was trying to flirt…  I guess you can’t start too early?!

Saturday afternoon we headed up Mt. Nebo, in a neighboring town.  Paul and I had taken some pictures on Mt. Nebo the first time I went to Arkansas, and I wanted to try to get some pictures of our family up there as well!  Paul’s Aunt Jerry, cousin Jennifer (with daughter Caryssa), and cousin Jorgia, had come to spend the afternoon with everyone, so they followed us up the mountain to wait for the rest of the group!  We stopped by the visitor’s center, and headed off to Sunset Point (one side of the mountain).

Mommy and Wyatt

Look at the view behind us, it felt like you could see forever!

Daddy and Wyatt

Jennifer, Jerry (in back); Caryssa, Jorgi (in front)

We left Sunset Point and headed to the playground so the “kids” could play for a little bit, while we waited for the rest of the group to get up the mountain.  When we got to the playground they had some swings, which were always my favorite as a kid.  Everyone took turns swinging, including Wyatt!!  Wyatt really enjoyed swinging in the infant-seat swing, enough that he fell asleep and got to wear his daddy’s hat to block the sun!!  We ended up spending a couple hours at the playground, with everyone eventually joining us and playing as well!

Mommy getting Wyatt settled in the swing

Daddy and Wyatt Swinging

Paul and Jerry

Jennifer and I swinging

Wyatt in Daddy's hat

Wyatt in Daddy's hat

Bowen, Susan, Caryssa, and Jerry Wayne

One Happy Boy!

After everyone had a chance to play for a bit, we headed over to Sunrise Point to try to take some more pictures.  Thanks to the tripod we were able to get a group picture, but Wyatt wasn’t being very cooperative at that point for any family pictures!!

Group Shot

Susan, Bowen, Jerry Wayne and Heston

Jennifer and Caryssa

Family Photo with a not happy Wyatt

After pictures we decided that it was time to eat, so we headed to Brick Oven Pizza!  We all enjoyed some pizza, good conversation, and the Razorback game! 

When we were finished, we headed back to Doodah and Sweetie’s to get in our pajamas and relax.  There is a big rivalry in Paul’s family when it comes to LSU/Razorback football.  One of Paul’s Aunts and her family are HUGE LSU fans, where the rest of the family pretty much roots for Arkansas.  It always makes for an interesting LSU/Arkansas football game.  When Paul’s nephew Bowen was a baby the LSU Aunt gave him an LSU sleeper.  Jerry Wayne found it and decided it would be funny to get a picture with Heston in LSU and Wyatt in his Razorback gear…

LSU Heston and Razorback Wyatt

Heston realizes he is in LSU gear, Wyatt is concerned as well...

Heston realizes he is in LSU gear, Wyatt is concerned as well...

Both boys freaking out! Once Heston got changed the boys made up and are friends again!

Sunday morning we made a quick stop at Doodah and Sweetie’s Sunday school class before heading home.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend, we hope you did too!!


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