Zoo Lights

The weekend before Thanksgiving; Susan, Jerry, Bowen, and Heston (Paul’s sister and her family) came over so that we could all go to the Memphis Zoo and see Zoo Lights!

We started the evening by enjoying some yummy Hibachi at Shogun’s!  Then we bundled up and headed to the Zoo for Zoo lights!

I was super excited for this exhibit at the Zoo, and it did not disappoint.  When we first entered the Zoo, they had “snow” (soap bubble) machines blowing snow down on you, to really get you in the Holiday spirit!  The Zoo was a glow with sights and sounds of the holidays, they had horse drawn carriage rides, caroling, and of course – Christmas Lights!!  Most of the exhibits were open, so we got to enjoy seeing some of the animals while viewing all of the lights!

We started by heading to the Zoo’s newest exhibit – Teton Trek. 

Teton Trek Sign

Teton Trek has elements from Yellowstone National Forest.  The beautiful lodge is a replica of one of the lodge’s found in Yellowstone.  It is a beautiful structure, and it housed Santa Claus for pictures!  We took time to take a family picture in front of the HUGE tree…

Family Photo 2009

Then we walked around and looked at the Zoo’s newest additions, some baby bear cubs, wolves, and elk (I think they were elk at least?!).

Bear Cub

Bear Cub



Next we headed off to see the polar bears!  Wyatt fell asleep as we walked over to the polar bear “cave” but we took a family picture next to one of the snowflake trees anyway!! 

Family Photo - Snowflake Tree 2009

Susan, Bowen, and Heston enjoyed watching the sea lions!

Susan, Bowen, and Heston

After visiting the polar bears and sea lions, we wandered around the Zoo, looking at all the lights and stationary displays!  Wyatt LOVED the lights, can’t you tell by this face?

Wyatt - Happy Boy!!

We couldn’t resist posing Wyatt with a giant Christmas Present…

The best gift of 2009!!

The last stop we made was to see the Reindeer!  Dasher and Dancer were visiting from the North Pole! 

Dasher and Dancer

After visiting with the reindeer, we headed back to the cars; it had gotten late, and COLD!!  We stopped at the tree in front of the Zoo for one last picture…

Group Shot 2009

We had so much fun that day, and can’t wait to make it a fun family tradition!!  I can’t help but smile when I think that next year we will be chasing Wyatt and Heston through the exhibits!  I for one, can’t wait!!


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