Two Months…

I can hardly believe that Wyatt is TWO months old today! 

Remember what Wyatt looked like at birth and One Month?  Here is a reminder…

5 days old

5 days old

1 Month

1 Month

Now here is our little guy at TWO months…
2 Months

2 Months

Wyatt and I have a blast every morning when he wakes up.  He is such a happy baby in the morning.  He just smiles and laughs at me.  We talk, sing, tell stories, and have so much fun!  We normally spend the first hour and a half of the day doing those things, then Wyatt takes a little nap!  I treasure these moments, as I realize they will pass all too quickly!! 
What else are you up too at Two Months Wyatt? 

–  You sleep for an 8 hour block and a 3 hour block at night, the only thing that changes is the order of the blocks!!  You started sleeping in this schedule at 6 weeks old!!  You LOVE to sleep at night, and I love getting sleep at night!!  You make Mommy very happy with your sleeping schedule!

–  You are eating really good!  You eat 4 ounces at a time.  Sometimes you seem like you are starving after 4 ounces and eat another 2 ounces!!

–  You still don’t cry very often, only when you are really hungry or fighting going to sleep.  You just don’t want to miss anything!!

–  You LOVE your boppy pillow and your bouncy seat.  In the past 2 weeks or so you have really gotten a LOT of use out of your swing.  You will stare at the arms, or at the TV while swinging back and forth, sometimes you even take naps in the swing!!

–  You had your first overnight visit this past weekend!!  We took you to Hot Springs, AR to visit with Shane and Bethany.  We spent 3 nights and 4 days away from home, you did fantastic!  I just know that you are going to LOVE traveling, just like your parents!

–  You are very observant, your eyes are constantly moving when you are awake.  You will now follow the sound of a voice by moving your eyes and head!  It is wonderful!

–  You are starting to have control of your neck when sitting.  You will lift your head up when laying on your belly as well!!   

–  You have the biggest smile, and sweetest laugh. 

–  You are changing, growing, and learning new things EVERY day!  You are constantly surprising your Daddy and I.  We love watching you mimic our movements and sounds.  You just want to talk so bad! 

–  When you have tummy time, you will push your legs into the ground and try to move across the floor.  You are trying so hard to crawl.  I know once you figure it out, you will be GONE!!  I just hope I have the house ready for you!!

Wyatt, you are such a wonderful baby, your Daddy and I love spending time with you!!  Everyone who meets you, adores you, and you are truly the light of our lives!  We can’t wait to see what you learn over the next month!!

Wyatt has his 2 month check up on Friday.  Paul and I are going to try to guess how much he has grown over the past 6 weeks.  If you want to make a guess, leave it in the comments of this post… It will be fun to see who is the closest!!  I will tell you this, at birth Wyatt was 21 inches long and 7lbs 11 oz., at 2 weeks he was 21 inches and 8 lbs 12 oz.   I look forward to seeing your guesses!!!


One Response to “Two Months…”

  1. mike slov Says:

    11 pounds 3 ounces, 22.3 inches long.

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