A pirate’s life for me…

We were able to leave the hospital on Friday, after getting the OK from my Dr and the pediatrician who was doing rounds.  I got wheeled out to the car, we put Wyatt in the car seat and off we went.  I think that is when it became really “real”, ready or not, we were bringing this baby home…

Wyatt all ready to go home!

That is a picture of Wyatt all ready to go home in the hospital…  He looks soo tiny in that big car seat, but I know he is super safe!  Wyatt would like to thank his Aunt Kelly Jo for the cute outfit to come home in!!

My Dad and Ilene were waiting at the house when we arrived home, and so was this:

The family and the stork

The family and the stork

Some of our neighbors got together and had this stork waiting for us when we arrived home!!  It was soo special to come home to that!  We also got chocolate bars that have all of Wyatt’s information on them, what a fun item to have for him when he grows up!!

We showed Wyatt his room (he didn’t seem to care very much?!), and his bouncy seat, and he decided it was nap time.  I can honestly say that we all (My Dad, Ilene, Paul, Myself) just kind of sat and watched him.  I just couldn’t believe that he was mine!!

Later that afternoon, Shane and Bethany arrived to spend some time with us.  They brought him a very special gift…



Shane and Paul wish they were pirates (the swashbuckling type, not the Somalian type), and Wyatt gets to be a real pirate!  I made the mistake of calling this a “costume”, which apparently means it can only be worn on occasions like Halloween!  I was quickly corrected (by Shane and Paul), that this was an “outfit” and would make regular appearances in his wardrobe!  Silly me!

Shane and Bethany with Wyatt

Shane and Bethany with Wyatt

That night for dinner we brought in BBQ, which was delicious, and just spent some time hanging out, and staring at the baby!  It was a wonderful way to come home, and started a fantastic weekend!!!


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