Sitting round here watching airplanes…

I will start by saying there is nothing new to report on the baby front…  We are still just a family of two, waiting “patiently” for Baby Berger.

I wanted to take some time to write about the nursery.  Paul and I have worked really hard to get the room ready for our little guy.  It took quite a lot of work…

Our house has two bedrooms on the first floor, which includes the Master Bedroom/Bathroom.  We had set up the other bedroom as a guest room, which has a bathroom right next to it.  It worked really well when family came to visit.  Upstairs we have an additional two bedrooms.  We had one set up as an office/craft room, and the other was a guest room.  There is another bathroom upstairs for those rooms.  Finally we have an unfinished room upstairs (over the garage), Paul is going to work on finishing it this winter, so we will have another Den/Playroom as Baby Berger grows up!

When we found out we were pregnant we decided to have the nursery downstairs with our bedroom.  That meant the furniture (queen size bed, and dresser) had to be moved upstairs to make way for baby furniture.  Needless to say, I have a problem with making things “easy” for Paul.  I decided we would move the bed and dresser upstairs into what was currently the office.  We would move the desk around in that room, and move the craft “stuff” (scrapbook desk, bookshelf, etc.) into the other bedroom upstairs.  This meant the furniture in that room had to be rearranged as well!  So, if you are following carefully, we have 4 bedrooms total, and 3 of them had to be rearranged to make room for the baby!  Thankfully we have some wonderful neighbors who came over and helped carry furniture!  After all the furniture was rearranged, we had to “re-decorate” as well.  I have a wonderful and very handy husband, so it didn’t take too long to get everything set back up! 

As for the baby’s room, that is where things got fun!!  To start, we received the crib and dresser from my Dad who had kept them for all of these years!  I used some Revitalizing Oil, and the wood came right back to life.  People have actually thought the furniture was brand new, not 26+ years old!  We also received a bassinet from Paul’s parents (28+ years old), which after a fresh coat of paint, a new mattress and bedding, looks as good as new as well!!  I find it soo incredibly amazing that our baby will sleep in the same bassinet that Paul did, and the same crib that I did.  How special is that?  Thank you to our parents for keeping those items all these years. 

I knew I would have to buy two items for the baby’s room, a glider/ottoman and a changing table.  I mentioned to Paul’s dad that I had a certain idea for the type of changing table I wanted, and he agreed to make it for me!!  I had Paul draw a picture of what I wanted, and last month, I was able to get the changing table and bring it home.  It turned out more amazing than I could have imagined, and could not be more excited about it!  Since bringing it home, I have stocked it with all the supplies, and it is ready for Baby Berger! 

As for overall decorations in the room, we went with a “transportation” room.  We have a boat shelf (made by Paul when we were living in Virginia Beach) which stores his books, picture frames, and some toys.  We have a poster entitled “Heritage” that we bought at the Pensacola Naval Museum hanging above his dresser.  His mobile is all sorts of trucks (dump trucks, bulldozers, etc).  Over his changing table are three framed pictures that Paul took at the Pensacola Naval Museum (a productive trip!).  His bedding includes a camouflage bumper, striped bed skirt, all sorts of different designed sheets (airplanes, stars, strips, blue, etc), and an airplane blanket.  I know it sounds like a whole lot going on, but it actually looks really, really good. 

Just to prove that it looks really good, here are some pictures!!  Since his name is already up on the shelf, we blacked it out!!  Just a couple more days and everyone will know!! 


Changing Table with Airplane Pictures

Changing Table with Airplane Pictures

Crib, Boatshelf, Dresser, Navy Poster

Crib, Boat shelf, Dresser, Navy Poster

Far wall, including Glider/Ottoman

Far wall, including Glider/Ottoman

His closet

His closet


His Swing and Activity Mat in the corner of the living room!

His Swing and Activity Mat in the corner of the living room!


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