May the angels protect you, Trouble Neglect you…

I know that it has been almost a month since my last post, and I apologize.  I can honestly say I have been beyond busy, not just with last minute details, but all sorts of issues…

The weekend after the Baby Shower (the last post), we had Paul’s cousin Jennifer, her husband Darrell, and daughter Caryssa come into town for the weekend.  When the weekend trip was originally planned, the main purpose was to get furniture moved around, the baby’s room ready, etc.  Since Paul and I got motivated early to do all that stuff, we got to spend the weekend doing “Memphis” stuff!!  

Saturday we spent the WHOLE day downtown. We packed a picnic lunch and ate on the bank of the Mississippi River.  It was a beautiful day, average temperature with a great breeze.  Here are a couple of pictures from our lunch:

Paul spinning Caryssa

Paul spinning Caryssa


View from our blanket

View from our blanket

After lunch we headed over to the visitors center, used the restrooms, and then caught the trolley.  Memphis has a WONDERFUL trolley system.  You can ride for $1, or get an all day pass (getting off and on as much as you want) for $3.50.  We got all day passes and rode all three trolley loops!  We got to see soo much of Memphis, and all of us really enjoyed the ride (saved us from walking!).  Here are some trolley pictures:

All of us on the Trolley

All of us on the Trolley

The Trolley

The Trolley

It was such an incredible day!  We had a blast hanging out with family, and can’t wait to be able to take Baby Berger to ride the trolley!!  We just know he will LOVE it!

We haven’t had any other big weekends since that one, but we have been able to stay busy with house projects and baby stuff!  It’s amazing how many “little” things there are…

One major thing that happened, that has kept us occupied is a fainting spell that had everyone worried. 

Thursday, July 23rd, I went out to run some errands.  While driving I got a feeling that I was going to pass out.  I pulled off the road and into a gas station parking lot.  The feeling just got more intense, and the next thing I knew I was waking up on my stomach surrounded by 4 guys that looked scared to death.  One of the guys was on the phone with 911, trying to get an ambulance.  The guys were wonderful, they helped roll me over, got stuff out of my car, locked up the car, and waited with me (blocking the sun) until the ambulance arrived.  They took me to the hospital, and the doctors checked me out.  They consulted with my Drs office and decided to admit me overnight to Labor and Delivery for observation.  We consider that our trial run, we (the baby and me) spent the night hooked up to all sorts of monitors, while Paul slept in the chair beside me.  When they discharged me in the morning, we headed home, showered, and I found a dentist who could repair my teeth.  When I fell, I chipped my two front teeth, scratched up my face, and my knee.  Luckily I found a dentist who saw me first thing, and was able to fix my teeth!!  If you didn’t know I had messed them up, you wouldn’t be able to tell!!!

At my next Drs appointment the Dr said she would prefer that I didn’t drive.  Since my episodes come on so quickly, she doesn’t want me driving around and passing out, injuring myself, the baby, or someone else!  Honestly, its been difficult to not be able to just get in the car and go somewhere, but I have a wonderful husband, and great friends who have really stepped up and make sure that I get out of the house! 

I have been going to the Drs weekly now, and at my last appointment (1 day before 39 weeks), I was still no closer to delivery than any week before!  The Dr said it isn’t uncommon for first time mom’s to go at least 40 weeks, so we will just have to wait and see.  We had an ultrasound to make sure that he was at least in the right position, which he is, and the ultrasound technician said by her calculations he was weighing 7 lbs 12 oz (at 38 weeks).  She said it could be off a pound in either direction!!  WOW!  We could end up with a BIG baby!  Either way, this little guy is already proving that he is going to do things at his pace, regardless of how his Mommy and Daddy feel about it!!

As for us now, Baby Berger is wiggling around, staying nice and comfy!  His mommy, well she has just gotten used to the idea that his comfort is going to come at her expense!  His Daddy, he keeps busy, and is taking fabulous care of both of us (he is out right now getting us a Cherry Limeade)!  So I close with this picture of me and the Baby Berger Bump… 

39 weeks 1 day

39 weeks 1 day


2 Responses to “May the angels protect you, Trouble Neglect you…”

  1. Susanne Says:

    love the post Shari 🙂 You inspire me to blog more! Can’t wait for baby berger! Crossing my fingers for the 16th!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Thanks for the update….even though I was there for half of that….LOL, I am so glad that you and Baby Berger are doing good, despite the scary episodes you have had. Thinking about you, hope that Baby comes soon… you don’t get too uncomfortable….or more uncomfortable. Love you guys!

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