I love what I do, love where I’m at…

This past weekend we headed to Paul’s hometown in AR to visit with family and attend a baby shower!! 

We headed out Friday mid-day after my Drs appointment (everything is good, gained another pound, not too much longer to go).  We packed up, and headed to Little Rock, to pick up Paul’s grandma.  We picked her up, and off to Paul’s parents we went.  By the time we got there, I was exhausted, and knew we had a very busy weekend ahead of us, so I took a chance to lay down for a bit.  While I was napping, Paul and his Dad headed over to the Honda dealership to look at motorcycles. 

Shortly after I woke up, Paul’s sister Susan and her son Bowen showed up at the house and we headed out to get some dinner.  We got back to the house and everyone sat around and chatted before bed. 

Saturday morning we all got up, ate some breakfast and started getting ready for Paul’s parents 2nd annual July party!  Paul’s parents built this beautiful shop beside their house, and it makes the perfect space for a party!!  They get a band, tons of BBQ, and friends/family come from all over to join in the fun!  We spent the morning putting tablecloths out, hanging signs, etc.  Around lunchtime Paul’s other sister Lara, and her fiancee Chuck showed up, just in time to unload her car and head off to decorate/get things ready for my shower!!

The ladies all left to get the Train Depot ready for my Baby Shower, and I stayed behind to get ready.  When it was officially Baby Shower time, all the boys loaded up in Paul’s Dad’s Truck to drop me off, get some ice in the coolers, and take another look at the Honda Dealership! 

I was amazed when I got to the Train Depot, there were soo many people there!  I was surrounded by Paul’s family, and family friends.  I felt so lucky to have people that wanted to share in our joy!  Shane (Paul’s best friend), Bethany (his wife), and Sophie (Paul’s god-daughter), drove over from Little Rock to share in the fun!  It meant soo much to have them there!!! 

I went into the shower and got the grand tour from Lara….

The food table

The food table

Me with the cake table

Me with the cake table

Some of the guests...

Some of the guests...

Some more guests..

Some more guests..

After I got the tour, they put me in the chair seen above (with all the balloons) and let me start opening gifts.  There were a BUNCH to open…

Opening Gifts.

Opening Gifts.

We took breaks from opening gifts to play a couple of different games that Lara planned.  She did a great job with the games, which left everyone laughing!!

The final gift was from Paul’s mom and Susan…

Linda, Me, Susan and my Travel System!!

Linda, Me, Susan and my Travel System!!Paul showed up just in time to see all the gifts, and load up the truck!!Paul and I

We all headed back to the house, and got ready for the party that night!  Paul and I got to spend some time with Shane, Bethany, and Sophie which was really nice!! 
At the party I finally got to see the changing table that Paul’s dad made!  It is BEAUTIFUL, and more fabulous than I had imagined!  We got the changing table moved into the baby’s room, and only have a couple more things to do to the room before it will be ready to be photographed and have a post dedicated to it… I’m thinking within the next week/week and a half!! 

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