And the rocket’s red glare…

This past week has been a whirlwind, another busy week around the Berger house! 

Since the (now) nursery used to be a guest room, with items on the wall, Paul patched the holes and painted.  I copied the name of the paint from our new home owners guide, and we headed off to Home Depot to get it matched, well they don’t sell Sherwin Williams paint, but the guy assured me he could match it…. No such luck.  The next day we were off to Sherwin Williams to get them to match the paint, but again, not a perfect match.  We are pretty close, maybe close enough to call it a day, but I haven’t quite decided. 

We spent a whole night re-organizing the garage.  Paul used to park on the right side of the garage, in front of the door leading into the house.  With the baby coming, we need to keep the right side free, so I can easily get into the house from the garage.  That meant everything on the left side had to go to the right, and things needed to be organized!  We got some new shelves, and hung some stuff in the garage to create more space.  I think the garage looks awesome, and it is going to work REALLY well when the baby gets here!!

Friday, the 3rd, I woke up feeling awful.  I was sick to my stomach all day long!  The weather was BEAUTIFUL, so Paul went out for a motorcycle ride.  It was nice because it gave me a chance to take a nap, and Paul got to go out for a ride which he really enjoys!  We were planning on going to the local firework show that night, but neither of us really felt up to it when it rolled around. 

We spent the 4th running a couple of errands.  We stopped by the local orchard, where we picked up some peaches, and some plouts.  A plout looks exactly like a plum, but is actually a hybrid fruit, 3/4 plum, 1/4 apricot.  When the guy at the orchard told me they weren’t plum’s but a hybrid fruit, I wasn’t quite sure.  He cleaned one up, and cut a piece for us to try!  It was absolutely delicious, so I had to get some!  It also reminded me why I love local orchards!!

When we got home from our errands, Paul grilled some cheeseburgers and hot dogs.  We had a very little BBQ, just the two of us.  As night rolled in, we headed across the street to our neighbors to set off fireworks.  Last year we waited until the 4th to get fireworks, and didn’t get too many.  This year, watching Paul at the fireworks stand, was like watching a kid in a candy store!  He was soo excited about setting off all the fireworks.  Our neighbor asked him to get some stuff for them as well, so we had a nice little show.  I am pleased to report that there were ZERO human injuries during our fireworks show.  There was one casualty, a folding lawn chair….  Paul had set off a firework that sends bursts into the air.  Something caused the firework to flip on its side, and it started shooting fireworks at us!  We were all able to get out of the way, but a flair did hit the chair, causing a mini fire in the seat!  We put it out, all freaked out a little, then laughed a lot, then got back to setting off fireworks!  I will say that next year, I plan on sitting away from where they are shooting off fireworks with Baby Berger, although if he is anything like his Daddy, he will want to be right in the mix!!!  Here are some pictures from our exciting night!!!


Paul laughing and setting up a firework!

Paul laughing and setting up a firework!

One of the fireworks (Not Paul's Beer... I promise!)

One of the fireworks (Not Paul's Beer... I promise!)

Baby Berger and I with a Roman Candle...

Baby Berger and I with a Roman Candle...

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