You’ve got a friend in me…

Last week was a very productive week, ending in a fabulous weekend!

When Paul got home from work on Tuesday, we got to work on organizing the closet of what will become the nursery.  We started by cleaning all of the stuff in the closet out, once the closet was emptied, we hung an additional shelf/hanging rod, and put in shelves to organize blankets, etc.  The closet looks phenomenal (pictures will come at a later time).  That was just the start though, it inspired me to start organizing upstairs, preparing for the big furniture move.  I moved my scrapbook supplies to the other bedroom, and Paul moved the actual desk.  I spent the rest of the evening organizing the desk and putting everything back in its right place!

Wednesday afternoon, Paul moved the computer desk around in what was the office, to make room for the bed and dresser, to become a guest room.  He then moved the bed, and had a neighbor come over and help move the dresser.  We were able to hang some pictures, and get the room looking good!  When all the big furniture was moved, Paul brought the crib pieces downstairs, and we put it together.  To be perfectly honest with you, as we stood there looking at the crib, all put together and against the wall, it shocked us both.  We stood there for a couple of minutes (tears filled my eyes, Paul was just fine!), just staring.  I think we were both thinking, “It’s real now, and in 8 weeks or so, there is going to be a little boy in that crib!”. 

I spent Thursday organizing the upstairs closets, and putting all of the little touches back in place upstairs.  Then was on to the fun part of the day, cleaning the crib.  I’m not sure if I have mentioned this, but we are really fortunate in the baby furniture category.  When we found out we were pregnant, and announced it to Paul’s parents, Paul’s mom said that she still had the bassinet that Paul slept in as a baby, and would be happy to let us use it for our baby!!  This of course excited us both, and we already spent some time cleaning it up, getting new bedding and a mattress.  It looks fantastic, and is ready for Baby Berger.  When we told my Dad that we were pregnant he told us that we could have the crib/dresser that my mom and him got when they were pregnant with me.  That’s right, our parent’s are crazy, and have kept furniture for over 25 years, just waiting for these days.  Needless to say, the crib and dresser needed some TLC, after years and years of being stored in basements!  I used some serious Pledge furniture cleaner, and then some Revitalization Oil.  The Revitalization Oil worked soo well, and the furniture looks brand new!!  All I need now is the bedding, and we will really be ready to go!!

Friday, I had my 32 week Dr’s appointment.  It went really well, I gained 2 lbs over the past month, and everything is progressing well.  I have to go back in 2 weeks for the next appointment.

Friday afternoon Paul left town to go fishing with his friend Shane.  They met up in Little Rock, and then headed south to somewhere outside Hot Springs, to set up camp for the night.  Shane’s dad had already gotten an area at the campsite ready, and had a camper for them to sleep in.  They did some fishing Friday night, and then spent all day Saturday floating/canoeing on the river, and fishing.  Paul said they all caught some fish, and had a great time.  He got home really late Saturday night, and was exhausted and sore on Sunday from all the paddling the day before.  Needless to say, he left for work Sunday afternoon, sore and all.

While Paul was away camping and fishing with his friend, I had a friend fly in to town to spend the day with me!  One of my best friends from college (who also happened to be one of my roommates), Kate, flew into town for my baby shower!  She got into town early Saturday morning, and we spent the morning relaxing, catching up, and drinking some Starbucks.  We got ready and headed off to my friend Tara’s house for the baby shower.  Tara did an incredible job making me feel really special on Saturday.  She sent out the most adorable baby shower invitations (Noah’s Ark themed), and followed through with that theme with balloons, and even wrapping paper!  She ordered the most delicious cake, that had an adorable stork on it, and got some really yummy food! 

There wasn’t a huge turnout, but those of us who were there had such a blast!  We sat around and talked and ate, and then it was gift time!  It was soo much fun opening all of the carefully picked out and wrapped gifts.  I got items off my registry, and then some special items from good friends!  After gifts it was time for cake and pictures! 

After the party, Kate and I headed back to my house, and started a load of laundry!  We washed all the sheets and blankets and then set up the crib!   I still need pieces to the bedding, but it looks pretty good so far!  We spent some time organizing and putting things together, and then crashed on the couch and watched TV.  Kate had an early morning flight on Sunday, so she could get back to work.  It was a short trip, but a fabulous trip, it really made my weekend super special!!! 

Here are some pictures from the weekend….

The Cake

The Cake

Opening Gifts

Opening Gifts

Tara (the Hostess) and I

Tara (the Hostess) and I

Kate and I

Kate and I

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