Happy Birthday to you…

This post is a couple of days delayed, but still…

Happy (belated) Birthday to my fabulous husband. 

For his birthday, I got him some really cool pirate balloons…

Pirate Balloons

Pirate Balloons

I made him a super cool iPhone cake (to match his new iPhone)

iPhone Cake, iPhone..

iPhone Cake, iPhone..

I took him to IHOP for dinner (his choice, I promise!).

When we got home I lit the candles on his birthday cake (28 candles to be exact..)

Candles on the Cake

Candles on the Cake

 Then he made a wish, blew out the candles, and we ate cake!!

Blowing out the candles

Blowing out the candles

We even rented movies (his choice) and watched them over Thursday and Friday nights…

(The rest of the weekend…)

Friday we went to see Night at the Museum – Battle of the Smithsonian.  It was soooooo good!!  Then we ran some errands and came home and grilled out.  We had some crawfish, Paul had a steak, I had chicken, and I made some asparagus and Texas Toast.  Yum!!  Then we ate more iPhone cake!!

Saturday we went and got Paul’s haircut and then headed downtown.  We stopped and got some subs at Lenny’s (so good), and headed down to the river bank to enjoy the afternoon.  Paul had put a blanket in the back of the car, so we spread out on the blanket and relaxed.  There were some little planes flying around, some people on boats fishing, and even a big barge.  We relaxed for awhile, and then walked around through the Mud Island community and got some ice cream!  It was such a wonderful afternoon!!

 I would have to say we had a most relaxing weekend!!


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