How can they see with sequins in their eyes?

Razzle Dazzle them…

I’m back from my crazy weekend, and can’t wait to share the following picture which sums the entire weekend up…

Lara, Susan, Jennifer

Lara, Susan, Jennifer

The ladies wanted to go to a store called “Dressin Gaudy”, the girls pictured above were quite intrigued by this.  While we were wandering around we found these fabulous hats!!  At first it started as a joke when we put them on, but Lara and I ended up purchasing the ones we were wearing.  We proceeded to wear them into the show that afternoon, people couldn’t keep their eyes off us!!  I love the fact that Lara purchased a hat with me!!  I can’t wait to show them off at future family functions…  Thanks for being a little out there with me Lara, so glad that we are “sisters”.  Love you!

Lara found this fabulous bag at another “Glitzy” store, but didn’t purchase it!!  I tried to convince her that she should get it, but she refused… 

Rock Star!

Rock Star!

The weekend included lots of shopping, eating, and chit-chatting.  It was soo much fun to hang out with the girls, and get to know everyone so much better.

Sunday morning Susan and I put on our purple dresses and took a Mother’s Day picture.  The picture is below, I am having Baby Berger #1, and she is having Baby N #2…

Purple Preggo Pals

Purple Preggo Pals

I would like to especially thank my Purple Preggo Pal for driving from Jonesboro to Harrison and back with me.  I had soo much fun hanging out and talking with you.  It was also great sharing a room while in Branson.  I’m so glad we are “sisters”.  Love you!!

I would like to Thank all the wonderful women who went to Branson this weekend.  I had such a great time! 

Paul also had a wonderful weekend, he rode the motorcycle to Jonesboro to meet up with Jerry.  They participated in a ride on Saturday, and from what Paul says, it was too much fun!!  He made it home just before the rain started!!  Overall a great weekend!

Mother’s Day was fantastic.  Paul got me an amazing card from him, and a super sweet card from our baby boy.  I had mentioned that I wanted to look into a shower seat for our stand-up shower a couple of weeks ago, but hadn’t said anything since then.  Sunday when I got home, I went into the bathroom and opened the shower door and found a beautiful wood (water safe) seat.  He had remembered and found me the perfect seat for our shower.  He is such a thoughtful husband… I think I will keep him!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend just like us!!


One Response to “How can they see with sequins in their eyes?”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    I want to thank you for coming with all of us crazy people to Branson!! My mom and I absolutely LOVE YOU and it wouldn’t have been the same without you!!!! I am so incredibly happy that you were there and we all got to know each other better!! Love to you!!

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