Got the motor running for a wild weekend…

I have some big weekend plans, and am VERY excited about them…

Friday I leave to go to Jonesboro, AR to meet up with one of Paul’s sisters, Susan.  We are going to leave from there and head to Harrison, AR where we are going to meet up with, Paul’s Mom, Paul’s Grandma (Mom), Paul’s Grandma (MiMi), Paul’s Aunt (Jerry), Paul’s cousin (Jennifer), Jennifer’s Mom (Barbara).  From Harrison, AR we head to Branson, MO where we will meet up with Paul’s other sister, Lara. 

After all the driving is done, we are settling in for a wild all girl’s weekend!!  Everyone but Barbara and I went last year, and they had such an incredible time.  I was supposed to go, but had a major conflict with work.  It looks like the weather should be decent in Branson, although there is a chance for rain all weekend.  We are planning on seeing a show, doing some shopping, watching movies, playing games, and just relaxing. 

It is interesting that the girl’s weekend fell on Mother’s Day this year, as everyone (but me) will have their Mother with them.  For obvious reasons, my Mom will not be able to attend.  Paul’s family has been so wonderful in welcoming me into the family, and I know the weekend will be one that I will remember for a LONG time to come!! 

I think that Paul is excited for me to leave town and have some fun, and I know he will find something to do to fill his time.  His plan is (weather permitting) to ride his motorcycle to Jonesboro to meet up with his Brother in Law (Jerry) to go to a motorcycle rally on Friday, and a ride on Saturday.  Unfortunately, it looks like it might just get rained out. 

I can’t wait to do a Branson recap post when I get back on Sunday night!!  Look for a special Mother’s Day edition blog on Sunday, and a Branson update on Monday!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, no matter how you choose to spend it!!


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