When you hear twin fiddles and a steel guitar…

You’re listening to the sound of the American Heart….

This past weekend was pretty exciting.  It started bright and early Friday morning with a Dr’s appointment (a full pregnancy update with picture will be posted Wednesday).  Friday afternoon was the annual Bluegrass Pickin’ Festival in our town.  Last year it was rained out and held inside the Performing Arts Center.  It was fun, but not as much fun as it would be if it was outside.  This year, although the weather looked threatening, we drove by and it was going on outside.  Of course we had to stop and check it out…

A bluegrass band

A bluegrass band

As we were leaving I noticed this and had to take a picture…

Mother Goose Nesting

Mother Goose Nesting

Saturday morning we were up early again, this time headed to Tunica to watch Paul’s Uncle Dave shoot skeet in a tournament.  We were kind of nervous with the weather, it had been raining since about 10pm on Friday, and showed no signs of letting up, but were assured they would shoot as long as there was no lightening.  Off we went…

It was my first time at a skeet shooting tournament, and after I figured out what was going on, it was actually pretty interesting.  I have decided that it is something that eventually I would like to try…  That’s right, I am putting it in writing, on my blog, I would like to try to skeet shoot.  We’ll see if it ever happens.

It was great to see some of Paul’s extended family, his Aunt Marsha (Dave’s wife), Aunt Darlene, and Uncle Dennis were all there to support Dave as well.  I have to mention that as we drove around in our golf carts (crazy fun), I saw very few other families/friends out watching this tournament.  I can now tell you why:  1)It is not much of a spectator sport, 2) There is NO (I repeat NO) snack cart/beer cart that travels around like in golf tournaments, 3) It was raining, cold, and muddy.  We stayed out there for two courses and then headed back to the warm truck, and finally off to dinner. 

Another exciting piece to the skeet tournament was the opportunity to meet one of Paul’s two trainers at work.  For blog purposes, and to protect the innocent, I will call him Mick.  Mick’s son is part of a skeet shooting team at his High School (at least that is how it was explained to me), and Mick volunteered with his son to work the tournament.  When Paul and I arrived at the tournament everyone was waiting inside the clubhouse for the guys in charge to determine if they were going to shoot (at this time it was raining pretty heavily).  At some point a guy in a neon green windbreaker, wearing a trash bag came walking into the clubhouse.  I will say this sight caught me off guard and I chuckled, but when Paul leaned over and said that’s Mick, I quickly stopped!  I wouldn’t want to do anything to upset his trainer, who could make his training process VERY difficult… 

Mick saw Paul and came walking over.  Paul introduced him as “The guy that determines if I get to come back to work the next day”, Mick quickly corrected him and said “That is all up to you, I just point you in the right direction”.  That made us all kind of chuckle.  I think he must have noticed the way I was looking at his trash bag, and he said that he wasn’t prepared for the rain, and someone gave him a trash bag to wear to help.  He said it was a little too late, but he still wore it.  A picture for all those curious…

"Mick" launching the clays

"Mick" launching the clays

Makes you want to chuckle huh?

Here are a couple of pictures of Paul’s Uncle Dave shooting…



This time from between trees

This time from between trees

The group as it started to rain... again

The group as it started to rain... again

After we left the skeet range, we had every intention of grabbing some fast food and heading back to Memphis and to the scrapbook store (National Scrapbook Day Deals!).  I decided I wanted some KFC, but the KFC looked really scary.  We decided to just go to Paula Deen’s Buffett at Harrah’s and grab some dinner.  It is so delicious, and they had fried chicken and mashed potatoes which is what I really wanted.  Paul was excited because it was all you can eat crab leg night (and he can eat some crab legs).  We had a great dinner, and then headed back to Memphis, where we hit up the scrapbook store.  Another busy, productive, and tons of fun weekend!!


2 Responses to “When you hear twin fiddles and a steel guitar…”

  1. Aunt Matsha Says:

    It was great to see you over the weekend. I hate that you had a bad weekend to see the spoting clays tournament, cos it really is a fun thing to watch. There are ususally al lot more people out wathcing and interacting. There will never be a “beer cart”, firearms and alcohol do not mix….that is only for later! Looking forward to seeing you again later, either in July or at Lara’s wedding!!!! You guys are welocme to come see us at anytime!! Marsha

  2. Aunt Darlene Says:

    Riding the golf cart in the mud was the most fun of the weekend!!

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