I’m gonna live where the green grass grows…

Watch my “weeds” pop up in rows…

To start this post I must say that we are the youngest family in our neighborhood.  We are also one of two houses that do our own yard work.  Everyone else has lawn services, and all of the other yards have NO weeds.  Our yard has more weeds then grass.  And our backyard, well, it is an overgrown jungle of weeds.  You must understand that our backyard is kind of steep, difficult to walk down, let alone mow.  The first couple of mows this spring have only been the front and top of the backyard.  Paul decided it was time to brave the “jungle” this last time with the mower.  In the short time I watched, the mower cut off 5 times, and our mower is pretty powerful!! 

Here is a photo collage to show all the hard work….

Cutting the grass...

Cutting the grass...

I’d like you to notice that the weeds in some places were as tall as Paul!!!  He got the bottom of the hill done, and then it started to rain, so he called it a day.  Maybe one night this week he will attack the hill…  Or maybe we will just see how tall they can get!!

In the previous post I mentioned that on my Birthday I was able to do some scrapbooking.  I was actually working on a project for the scrapbook store that I frequent.  Every month they do a “3 same looks” project.  They give 3 people the same materials and the following instructions “make something”.  They like to see what people can do when given certain materials and the freedom to create.  They take pictures of the finished projects and post them online, and display them in the store.  Here is a collage of what I created…

"Mom" Blocks

"Mom" Blocks

I only used materials that they provided, the letters and shapes were created with a die cutting machine that I have, and that is available for purchase at the store!  All and all, I was pretty proud of myself.  They were super easy to make, if you want directions, or would like me to make some for you… Just let me know!!


One Response to “I’m gonna live where the green grass grows…”

  1. Rick Gill Says:

    Hey, Shari this is the guy who makes your husband cry on the way home. Nice back yard I gave him some grief about it. He has been given a Creative Memories catalog in his mail slot have a good day.

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