Zombie’s on Beale Street/ My Birthday

I had been trying to start every blog with song lyrics, but I am drawing a complete blank as far as Zombie lyrics go. 

Last weekend, Paul and I headed downtown to experience the annual Zombie Walk on Beale Street.  Interesting sounding, huh?  We were really curious about this event, and decided since we had nothing else planned, Zombie Walk would be our Friday night.  We got downtown early, so we headed over to Silky O’Sullivans (our new favorite hang out place), listened to some live music and munched on some BBQ Nachos!  Since it was the day before my birthday, I decided that I should get a Strawberry Daiquiri!!  Of course it was non-alcoholic, but you should have seen some of the looks I got!!  I will not be drinking any other non-alcoholic drinks like that, because, it just isn’t the same!! 

As we sat downtown, we learned some more information about this Zombie Walk…  Zombie’s have two options, either come to Beale Street already dressed like a Zombie or stand along the walking route with a duct tape X on thier shirt.  As the Zombie’s walk through the streets they “Zombify” the people that have X’s on shirts. 

We left Silky’s and found a giant cement pillar to sit on.  Planted ourselves on the pillar and waited for the Zombie’s.  We waited and waited, and finally….

Here they come...

Here they come...

Disney would not like this at all...

Disney would not like this at all...


When the Zombie’s were done with the big walk, Paul decided it would be a prime opportunity to try out some of the new camera’s features…

Beale St. Intersection

Beale St. Intersection

The next day was my Birthday, and I had an absolutely WONDERFUL day!!  It started with attending the TN Delta Founders’ Day celebration for Pi Phi.  We had a wonderful lunch and the ceremony was wonderful.  Then I headed home where Paul was waiting with birthday gifts (a CD, DVD, two azalea bushes, and a mixed CD!).  Tara had stopped by with a gift as well, and I had received quite a few cards in the mail!  All of these things made me feel soo special.  (Later in the week I received a package from Kelly Jo – The cutest outfit for the little one, a book, and a frame… Soo special!).  I spent some time doing one of my favorite activities (scrapbooking), and then enjoyed a home cooked meal by Paul.  He made teriyaki chicken on the grill, coconut shrimp, and rice.  Such a delicious meal.  He did dishes, and then we took a walk around the neighborhood.  We came home and Paul had gotten Key Lime Pie for dessert.  Tara had also dropped off cupcakes… So I had plenty of dessert!!  I didn’t take any pictures because I was starving!!!  I will next time, I promise!


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