And I think to myself…

(In celebration of Earth Day…)

I see trees of green….  Pink Roses too…

I see them bloom… For me and you…

And I think to myself….  What a wonderful world…

Perfect Pink Rose

Perfect Pink Rose


Little Yellow Wildflower

Little Yellow Wildflower

Some wildflowers

Some wildflowers

Our Resident Ducks

Our Resident Ducks

Don’t they make you think to yourself…  What a wonderful world?

One Response to “And I think to myself…”

  1. Brenda Says:

    I really do love the “Baby Burger Blog” it always leaves me with a smile and something to look forward to. We are really hoping to be able to come to your baby shower and Butch & Linda’s “late 4th of July party”!!! It just depends on what’s going on with all of the kids. It seems as though once you have kids you end up making all your plans around them and their plans!!! Anyway, hope to see you soon. Hugs, BB

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