That’s what I love about Sunday’s….

First, I must say Happy Easter!!!  I hope that everyone got a visit from the Easter Bunny, and are enjoying a Sunday with family and friends! 

I love the song that the title comes from, it is all about how wonderful Sunday’s are.  How they are kind of the lazy day before the week begins again.  The day to worship (if you choose) or sleep in, clip coupons, read the newspaper, and maybe even enjoy a late afternoon nap!!  I remember how much I loved Sunday’s as a child, a day spent with the family, getting stuff ready for school, and watching football in the fall!!

I was supposed to go to church with my friend Tara today, but she called this morning and was not feeling well, so she cancelled.  I was disappointed because I was excited for Easter services, but I was also kind of relieved, the baby was not being very cooperative last night, and spent the majority of the night twisting and turning, keeping me up!  I was thankful for a couple hours of sleep this morning!!  I did buy a really cute new top to wear to church today, so I decided to still get ready and have Paul take a picture.  Without further delay, here I am in my Easter best…

21 wks 4 days

21 wks 4 days

Growing up one of the things I looked forward to at Easter was my Mom’s Easter Bunny cake.  I was invited to dinner at Tara’s parent’s house this afternoon, and decided that I would make my Mom’s cake to take with me.  After I finished decorating it today, I was very pleased with the final product and called my Dad to tell him about it.  My Dad told me that the first year my Mom made the cake was the year her mother had passed away (right around Easter).  She had problems sleeping, and one morning my Dad and the rest of us woke up to the Easter Bunny cake.  It became a staple at future Easter celebrations, in part because it was soo cute, and in part because it became tradition.  Here I is my rendition of the Easter Bunny cake, something that I hope my kids will enjoy and look forward too as much as I did…

Easter Bunny Cake

Easter Bunny Cake

Paul was pretty excited when he saw the final product, and is convinced that our kids will love it as much as I did!  I can’t wait to see what Tara’s daughter and her family think of the cake at dinner tonight!!

Yesterday was a Crawfish festival in Midtown (an area in Memphis).  Paul and I headed over there to enjoy the beautiful weather and were really upset when they were already out of crawfish when we got there!  We decided that we were already out and about, so we would head downtown and listen to some music.  One of my favorite places on Beale Street is Silky O’Sullivans.  They always have great live music, and have an incredible porch/patio!  They also happen to be home to two goats!  That’s right, two goats live at the bar!  It is a favorite thing for people when they visit Memphis to have a drink with the goats. 

We got to Silky’s and found an open table on the new expanded patio.  We watched the live music and ordered some food.  At one point, one of the goats got out of the goat area, and headed straight for the planter and flowers near where we were sitting.  It was hilarious, and caused a lot of commotion!  The security guards had to pull the goat back into the gated area and guard the area for awhile.  Thank goodness we had our camera with us…  Here are some pictures of our fabulous Saturday afternoon.

Paul and BBQ Nachos

Paul and BBQ Nachos

The good goat.

The good goat.

The Hungry Goat

The Hungry Goat

It took 2 security guards!

It took 2 security guards!

**Please notice in the bottom right of the above picture… The flowers are gone.  The goat got to them before security got to him!!**

That is a pretty good update.  I am going to get ready to head to Tara’s parents for dinner!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter/Sunday!


3 Responses to “That’s what I love about Sunday’s….”

  1. Brenda Says:

    I love the new top you bought for Easter Sunday. It is absolutely beautiful! You are looking beautiful I might add. Your pregnancy glow is really showing. Hugs, BB

  2. Jennifer Says:

    Shari, I look forward to these blogs each time……you are a great story teller and it is so neat to get to hear about what is going on. LOVE YOU GUYS!!

  3. Lauren "Sissy" Smith Says:

    Hey Sissy!

    I am in love with your website!! Love the pictures – they make me cry with every baby bump. 🙂

    Can you email me with your address?? I found the cutest picture EVER with us (in some dresses our mothers dressed us up in) with our hands entwined and I’m going to frame it and put it in my house – thought you would like to see it!

    my email is….. email me with your address! we are about 5 and 6 years old. 🙂 oh the good old days….

    love and miss you!

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