Mama’s don’t let your babies grow up to be Cowboys…

I will start the blog by saying….. I plan on letting my baby grow up to be a Cowboy or anything else he wants to be!

That’s right… HE!!!!  Friday Paul and I went to the doctor for our 20 week check-up and sonogram.  The technician asked if we wanted to know the sex if she could tell.  With no hesitation we responded “Of course!”.  We couldn’t wait to find out, start deciding on a name, and properly decorating the nursery!  The first part of the sonogram was her taking measurements and pictures for the doctor.  She would describe the things she was seeing “There is fluid in the lungs and bladder, so the baby has properly functioning kidneys”, “The baby is moving around a lot”, “The baby weighs in at 14 ounces”, etc.  Then she told Paul to come over and stand beside me and turned the monitor towards us.  She showed us how big the baby had gotten, and started showing us different parts of the body.  Finally she got to the “main event”.  She said here are the legs, and now we can officially say this baby is a Boy!!!  Sure enough, a baby Boy it is… He had a hand behind his head all kicked back like he was watching TV.  I guess this is something that isn’t learned but is genetically transferred from father to son? 

So, here HE is… Our baby boy…

Our Baby Boy

Our Baby Boy


Now, something that I am sure everyone is waiting for, an updated picture of me!! 

20 weeks 3 days

20 weeks 3 days


After our Doctors appointment Paul and I went across the street from the hospital to Target, and I bought one thing for our baby boy.  I picked out a package of onesies, the main thing that attracted me to them was the cute little anchor in the middle of one.  Paul, of course, loves anything with boats and anchors from his Navy days.  I think they are fun, and very boy-ish!  For all my Pi Phi Ladies out there – Pi Phi Express does sell a really cute toddler shirt that says “My Mom’s a Pi Phi”, but they are currently out of stock, I will be ordering one as soon as they are back in stock!! Yay!

Sooo cute!!

Sooo cute!!

I am going to do my best to not make any purchases for our little one.  I know it is going to be tough, but since the seasons will be changing once he gets here, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to buy all the cute summer stuff, when he won’t really be here to enjoy it!!!  I would hate to have cute stuff that doesn’t get worn because of the weather!! 

We have had a lot of people ask us about the name, here is the deal with that.  We have narrowed down our name choices, we are trying them out for size to figure out which one is going to fit him (and us) best.  We are NOT going to tell the name until he gets here.  We know that people are going to be disapointed we aren’t sharing the name, but we love the idea of having proper introductions in the hosptial (and the blog world for those of you who won’t be making it to the hospital!) once our little fellow arrives.  Until that time, he will be known to the world as Baby Boy Berger, or B cubed! 

I did forget to mention that I had lost another pound (that’s 19 in total), but the Dr isn’t concerned.  She said the baby is doing well and weighs in at 14 ounces.  She said that one of these days I am going to wake up and all the sudden have a basketball belly!!! 

Last thing, Paul, B cubed and I would like to congratulate Shane on passing the Arkansas State Bar!!!  He got his results on Friday, and we are excited that we can officially call him an Esquire!!  Shane, we are very proud of you, and can’t wait to celebrate the next time we are all together!!  We love you, Bethany, and Sophie!!

We all hope that everyone had a great weekend.  I will be updating again later this week, so check back!!!


2 Responses to “Mama’s don’t let your babies grow up to be Cowboys…”

  1. mike slovvvvv Says:

    ya sooooooo… gotta admit… when B-Cubed comes out i hope he’ll know im dissapointed that i lost 10 dollars to my other sister. anyways congratulations. i hope joseph is excited to meet his uncle… thats what im gonna call B-Cubed, joseph.

  2. Robin Harper Says:

    Jake and I had so much fun keeping Caleb’s name a secret! It was so fun after he was born to announce it to our family because they were all there to hear it together. I definitely recommend it!! We tried not to say his name to each other so we wouldn’t slip when we were around people. It’s tough but so much fun! Congrats!!

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